9 Year Old Erica Robinson Completes 3.5 km Swim

by webmaster on September 6, 2011

9 year old Erica Robinson is following in her mother’s footsteps (Susanne Robinson swam both Lake Erie and Lake Ontario in the past 4 years) with her debut open water swim from Amherst Island to the mainland August .  This 3.5km swim gave Erica some experience in dealing with waves and boats, following a pace boat, and taking nourishment and water while swimming.  She was relaxed and confident throughout, and even did a little butterfly stroke to finish (as mentors Susanne Robinson and open water champion Vicki Keith, who both accompanied Erica on this swim, always do). Erica has a personal goal to swim Lake Ontario at the age of 14 and this first open water swim is a great step towards that goal.




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