Dryland Training

The water is the best place to learn technique and to develop your feel for the water. But swimmers also
need to be strong, and the best place to do that is on dry land.

The Clarington Swim Club runs regular dryland training at Clarington Martial Arts facility (234 King St East
in Bowmanville) as well as on deck and upstairs at the Clarington Fitness Center throughout the season.
Younger swimmers learn proper exercise techniques and work to develop core strength and shoulder
stability using body weight exercises, medicine balls, pliometrics and band work. When swimmers are old
enough (and have enough physical background) they are introduced to weight lifting and add that, as
well as swimming specific strength training, to their core strength development.

Dryland training also offers the opportunity for coaches to address sports psychology and the value of good
attitude on an athlete’s development.

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