How To Register

How To Register and Pay

We try to make registration as easy and flexible as possible. You can register by any of the following:


  •  Printing registration forms, filling them out, scan them, email them back to


  •  Printing registration forms, filling them out, and bringing the completed forms to the first practice. Please email your intention to register to


  •  Come early to your first practice and fill out forms there. Please email your intention to register to


  •  Register at Clarington Martial Arts, 234 King St, Bowmanville (east entrance) between 4:30-8:30pm Monday through Thursday and Saturdays between 10 and noon.

Payments by cheque, cash or etransfer to are preferred as they keep the processing costs to the Club at a minimum. These can be delivered with registration forms to the first practice or dropped off at Clarington Martial Arts. Payments by debit or credit card can be processed at Clarington Martial Arts during the stated hours. Competitive group swimmers making registration payments with a credit card are subject to an additional $50 in fees to cover the costs to the Club to process these payments.
Late Registrations? – It is okay to register late for a program, all fees will be pro-rated.

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